Don't you get tired of political news lately?

@hotsummer (10522)
September 16, 2009 6:21am CST
As we all know nothing seems good from politics in any where in the world. In US, there are always some bad news we hear. in asian political news is no different. there will be coup attempts in some governments. and there are some fighting within their senate that it even televise on the national news the physical of senators on the senate like we see in taiwan and sometimes in korea. here in my country there were always tensions in the senate, but it did still came to the point that they will be physical fight or some brawl that occurred.. What do you think about political news. do you think that all it can bring are some bad news and nothing can come out of politics. no matter i feel sad or angry what i see on politics i still watch it cause it is important for me to know what is happening in our local politics.
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@zhuhuifen46 (3485)
• China
16 Sep 09
I am not specifically interested in political news, but with that it seems my exposure is not complete. With modern media, we are receiving a variety of information, some entertaining, others just informative. I would listen to the news in brief, so as to keep along with life. You might have more assignments and concerns, so just take it lightly, and give more priority to your focuses. Happy mylotting.
@hotsummer (10522)
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
yeah sometimes we just want some updates of what is happening but that does not want to listen to it much. focusing on other things are important than just to listen to news only.
@Pose123 (21665)
• Canada
16 Sep 09
Hi hotsummer, I admit that politics can often be a nasty business and those who get involved often do so for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes we get someone who is genuine but there aren't nearly enough of those. The Americans seem to be in a big uproar over medicare and as usually happens, some politicians are trying to make themselves look good by bad mouthing others, it happens all over the world. The fact that there is still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan means we hear of the deaths, not only of soldiers, but also of many civivians every day. The economy isn't improving as fast as had been hoped and there are few jobs for the unemployed. All in all it makes for very bad news but we have to be positive and believe that things will get better. Blessings.