September 16, 2009 10:29am CST
Well, I can't say I've messed up just yet.. Though I am noticing that I'm on the right path to messing up.. I'm an extremely jealous person.. I never used to be, but it's going to ruin my 3 year relationship with my boyfriend.. The only thing keeping us from moving to the next step, is my jealousy.. Quite frankly I think it's making it go backwards.. He hates it.. And I am beginning to hate myself for it... I hate when he speaks to other women cause he's flirty... He always looks and checks out other girls right in front of me. I always comfront him about it, but he denies it. I do have a low self-esteem and that probably has alot to do as to why I react this way.. But other than boosting my self esteem, what should I do? Should I not comfront him?? Is it normal for me to be this jealous?
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@zubairsk (341)
• India
26 Oct 09
Jealousy can kill a friendhsip due to any reason if we speaks another women for talking our girlfriend can think of jealousy.I hate those people if they cannot make good friendship probably.Some people will be more jealous if it is normal reason also,so i prefer that be avoid from these jealous characters if it is an silly mattter.
@sid556 (30987)
• United States
14 Oct 09
Jealousy can kill a relationship. I'm on the otherside of it. I am not a jealous person. I did date a man who I actually was very into to at the beginning. He seemed confident and interesting and I 100% enjoyed his company. he did have a weight problem which he confided in me bothered him a lot. It did not bother me a bit. As our relationship progressed he became increasingly jealous over any many I talked to. It got out of hand and I got tired of defending myself for absolutely nothing. I also got insulted by his suspicions because I have strong integrity and have never cheated on any man that I have been with. In the end, I broke it off with him. It wasn't fun anymore. We were not enjoying being together. Our relationship had evolved into nothing short of a battle of me explaining and defending myself all for no reason. I was not bringing happiness into his life at all...he was miserable and as a was I. For the sake of both of us, I just ended it and all his worries and paranoid thoughts. From my standpoint, I wanted to add to his life and make him happy and it became quite obvious to me that being with me was making him miserable and eventually it was dragging me down also. I don't know your boyfriend. Maybe your feelings are justified and maybe they are not. Bottom line, either are miserable and eventually he will become miserable as well. You two are lacking trust. Maybe he is just a jerk and does not deserve you. Maybe he is a great guy and you are misreading all this. Either are not happy. It doesn't matter the reason. Maybe you just are not a good match.
• United States
17 Sep 09
Guys will be guys they like to look at pretty women but that does not mean they plan to grab each one they see. Women are no different we all like to check out a nice looking guy too! That also does not mean we want every nice looking guy we see does it? I'm sure you notice other men. The man must want to be with you if he has been involved with you for 3 years already. Maybe you are the one looking for a way out of the relationship or not sure if you really want to be with him? Lose the jealousy before it eats you up.
@kprofgames (3099)
• United States
16 Sep 09
I see a couple of things here Stephanie. Fist is he about snapping his head off his shoulders looking at these other woman, or is just a glance? Does he really give them the once over with his eyes or is he just looking at them? I think there is a big difference right there. You say when he speaks to other woman in front of you he is flirty. How flirty? I think to really answer this, please answer those questions because I might see another angle here.