gossip mongers

September 16, 2009 1:08pm CST
how do you prevent yourself from losing it with the gossip addict neighbors? i hate my neighbors and i always snap at them whenever i hear them talk bad things about me and my family. as if they know all about me. why dont they just get a job and mind their own business?
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@doormouse (4619)
16 Sep 09
people talk about me,but i don't care,i don't let their petty mindedness bother me,lifes too short
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
thats one way to look at it...but sometimes, they get into your nerves...
• United States
11 Nov 09
I can't stand people who gossip, and what's sad is that I see a lot of this in my church. :( I better not hear any of my neighbors talk negatively about me or my family, because I'll definitely confront them.
@agv0419 (3027)
• Philippines
1 Oct 09
I hate neighbors that are gossipers it is also our problem here. I think they afraid of my mothers that's why we don't here anything us outside. Gossips sometimes is the cause of turmoil and fights among the neighbors. I'm also wonder why they don't mind their life why they wasting their time in spreading the stories of other people around tim. Even if sometimes they spreading news that are not totally true.