the best american idol winner?

September 16, 2009 1:12pm CST
do you think that kelly clarkson is the best american idol winner? i think she is...she is constantly on the charts, always active in the music industry and always having hit the girl can sing. what do you think mylotters?
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@dust1234 (117)
• United States
17 Sep 09
I would have to say Carrie Underwood because she is making music in the genre that she is good at.
• Philippines
15 Sep 10
Same here! My vote goes for Carrie Underwood although I also adore Kelly among all the idol winners. I think they are both very amazing and wonderful artists. Plus they can easily out-sing a lot of "artists" who are in right now which goes to show how much talent these two women have.
• Philippines
7 Jun 11
I think Kelly Clarkson is the best American Idol Winner. She may not be my most favorite but she's definitely one of my favorites. The moment I've seen her live in concert, she was, hands down, the best American Idol winner. Of course,the other are great in their own right. But for me, she's the best artist and singer.
• Philippines
26 May 11
Not only her but also Carrie Underwood. I think both pretty much did great contribution in the music industry. I so love both of them!
• United States
16 Apr 11
I have to agree with you because of the small little fact that SHE IS AMAZING but in a very close second place is Carrie Underwood. The can both sing like no one's business.
@BStuff (497)
• United States
31 Jul 10
I would say Carrie Underwood now has more commerical success than Kelly. She makes more music that appeals to the masses and all her albums have done really well. Maybe in another 5 years or so we will see whose still rocking it out. I believe they both have staying power but Carrie has more long term star power.
• Philippines
13 Jul 10
i go for carrie underwood. she's just classic and she didn't just emerge as winner of the contest, she's now like the queen of the country music scene. i particularly like how she's just really found her niche in the business and she's lovely.
@jhudy101 (373)
• Philippines
26 Jun 10
for me, she indeed is as she is one among my favorite artist. i really like her voice and the way she performs on music video. I find her cute and i love her songs specially that "since you've been gone" of her
@Jaluke (676)
• United States
12 Jun 10
Kelly is definitely the best winner IMO. Had she not won the first season, I don't think the show would have taken off quite the way it did. She holds the record for highest billboard jump with "My Life Would Suck Without You" going from #97 to #1 in a week. Including worldwide sales, she has the highest number of album sales in the world of any American Idol contestant. She's had 2 number 1 albums. And vocally she's unmatched. People say there's a closeness between Carrie and Kelly, but the way I distinguish it is to look at all of the songs the two of them sang during their time on Idol. While Kelly would DEFINITELY rock all of the songs that Carrie performed on Idol, some of the songs Kelly performed on Idol would be EXTREMELY difficult for Carrie to take on.
@Bambi09 (227)
• United States
20 Dec 09
I personally think it's between her and Carrie Underwood. They're the only two artists who have benefitted from the show. Kelly is great in the pop genre, while Carrie is amazing in the country genre.
11 Oct 09
Well, as we can see that Kelly Clarkson is the 'living' American Idol as she launched several albums already. I don't even know why it works this way, but it seems like she is the popular, ever, comparing to her 'followers' which appeared years after her crowning as first ever American Idol. If we take a look, it has been like years years ago, and her songs are easily to be heard nowadays. And how about the 'later' champion, such as Fantasia Borino (sorry if I miss-typed her name), Rubben Studdard (again, sorry for miss-typed his name). I heard almost nothing about them. =)
@argytrans (225)
• United States
17 Sep 09
Yes, Kelly Clarkson is the best singer, I am Kelly Clarkson fans. She sing rock genre mostly, her voice are powerful when sing every song. I like singers who sang with powerful voice, Carrie Underwood too although she in the country music genre but their similiar is have a wonderful powerful voice ever.
• France
17 Sep 09
yeah I agree that kelly is the best. her voice is fantastic, and her performance at the grammys when she sang because of you made the hairs stand up on the back of my talent