You don't know if she or he will be your friend.

September 17, 2009 12:58am CST
There is one of my best friends.When we met for the first time he looked so serious and quiet that i thaught we wouldn't be friends.After getting acquainted with each other,he isn't quiet and talk a lot.And we have so many common languages.Soon we beame friends.So we don't know if a sranger will be our friend.Do you think so?
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• China
17 Sep 09
Your post remind one of my friend. We met in a Japenese training class, both of us has worked then. She looked serious, so did I. Even if we became deskmate once, we didn't talk with each other. Until in a class, teacher asked a question "Where did you go this Saturday?" I'm the first answerer, and I told him honestly "Tianping Hill" (a local hill). Then she was the second one, what a coincidence! She gave the same answer as mine. Then we began to talk. And now we are good friends. We celebrate birthdays each other, sharing desserts, going to cinema, etc. People here always say, you can only make real friends in middle school. It seems we are a exception. I think making friends maybe not as hard as our thoughts as long as we are sincere!
• China
17 Sep 09
Yeah,i have the same idea like you.One are too censorious to get a friend.We can make friends anywhere if we like.Just as you say,making friend is not so hard.We should open our hearts to accept mor friends.Good day!
• India
28 Sep 09
Getting friends is not that difficult can get anywere and any time but getting them on ur same intrest is always good :) those friends might be stranger but they alwsy share common intrests.. u learn more stuff and its fun :)
@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
Hi! I agree. Because before we even met our closest friends, they were strangers. It's when we get acquainted to them, get to know them better, and find out that their interests are also our interests, their personalities are also like our personalities, that we realize that that stranger has actually become our best friend :)