Do you Invest straight away in some PTC sites?

September 17, 2009 1:08am CST
Hello everyone, I am just curious who else like me invested money in PTC program who haven't even paid me. I try to invest before in noebux but I could because they only accept payment from verified account so I cant put money in it to buy refs and upgrade. Since I join though I have not cash out yet instead I bought some referral to help me increase my income. I have invested in palmbux which I am getting out of even if I haven't got my money back yet because every time I go to there website I finish up with some bugs in my computer. I dont know if its only me or if it happen to a lot of us. How about you have you invested in PTC already that haven't even paid you? If so have you got your money back or you just finish up like me looking money? Thanks for sharing your experience and happy myloting.
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