Is AdFlasher going to remain for long time?

September 17, 2009 2:41am CST
I recently came across this site AdFlasher. Good site to earn quick buck. But I still don't understand its fundamentals. It asks you to invest a minimum of 15$ and makes you click on some adverts and then pays you double the amount i.e. 30$. I got paid once. I am trying to do it one more time but the ads are not available to be purchased. So I cant invest more. Waiting for it to be available soon. But I am worried if this site is going to remain for long. Because if they pay such huge amounts, they will soon run in loss and close down. What do you think?
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• India
18 Sep 09
Hi smartjack, The admin is very friendly and responds to every query and I have been paid twice and invested 3rd and waiting for my payment. Due to some cheaters they were down for a few days. But he is actively sending messages to every customers and I hope they will last longer. They have made some alterations in their site for adviews. You can check it out there. I hope it will last longer... Cheers... Have a nice day...
@NUTZZZ (16)
• Maldives
18 Sep 09
Hi, Do you remember Steve Smith from ADV4U?He owes thousands of dollars to venture holders!with the 'final' cash out already done!Which 'honest' soul runs adflasher? You know something?'Time' is a great healer & leveller!
@monouu (2606)
• Singapore
17 Sep 09
I believe it will fall sooner or later. This is like a member paid member type of scheme. If you want to carry on playing with this risky site, all I can advise you is to play with your profit only and don't be greedy.
@dlr297 (5409)
• United States
17 Sep 09
I saw this site the other day and checked it out. I did not join because i did not like the idea of having to pay for the add pack, because i was not sure if they would have the adds to pay out double the investment, and i usually will not invest any of my own money until i know that the program is going to work. I wish you good luck with the site
@patofgold23 (5069)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
I think you should hold on to your money for now until the site gets all its problems straight..this pyapal negotiation, technical problems..etc.... I feel it's like one of those -- first in, first out thing...... glad you profited..but don't get too greedy../ you might end up on the losing side.
@satyabs15 (119)
• United States
17 Sep 09
Hi smartjack, Like your name(i hope this is your name) you are very smart. Good Inverst 15$ and doubled your amount is good. But I too dont know about this site. Your point is valid if they giet this huge amount they will soon close or move to scam, Let us see other opinion in this. Happy lotting