@edzroi (31)
September 17, 2009 5:00am CST
tell me your favorate foods, i'm welling to share my fave foods too....:)
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@killersss (638)
• India
18 Sep 09
my favorite food item is an indian cuisine that's called "rajma chawal" there's rajma a type of something i don't know :) and rice. i just love it big time :) it's so good. and then i also like pizza and pasta. two of my favorite cuisines. what's your favorite?
• China
17 Sep 09
Speaking of eating, then we are Chinese, but there are many dishes. Texas braised chicken, honey three fruits, rely on prawns, daphne explosion pairs of crisp, Congbao lamb tastes very good, clear lion head, chestnut chicken, Suannibairou, stewed beef, very delicious. There are many, many, you have the first discussion, I went to eat, some say to eat, the hungry stomach.
@patofgold23 (5074)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
I'm a I love pasta, breads, cakes... rice!!!!!!! (mostly rice toppings)) yum yum..your discussion's making me hungry!