What can you do when you know your parents are not your real parents

September 17, 2009 8:04am CST
A girl wants to know me at first so i met her than we became friends but oneday she took me to her home and her aunt just old me her parents are my real parents. I shocked and tears came out, my parents are really nice and good to me all these 20 years, how can i accept this suddenly? At first i just forgave my real parents because they said they were so poor and i was a girl instead of a boy so they gave me to other, but now i am really not sure if i want accept them, all this time cause a great sadness to my family and i just stopped the realtionship two weeks ago with my real parents even my sister. I think my real parents now have son and daughter why they want me back and all these times they just use me to help them to be with them , i didn't find anything that can prove i want be with them so i stopped seeing them and i want be end but my real mom just so sad and send me email moan about my parents are selfish an i am selfish. i am angry ,i think they are selfish and it's them who gave me away after i was born
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@Zhizho (1351)
• Indonesia
17 Sep 09
Hi..I'm sorry to read your story.Actually,I could imagine what I'll do if it happen to me.Maybe,like you,I'll shock.But,maybe better to accept this reality and try to positive thingking.Every parents love their children of course.So,try to understand them and you take the wisdom.yes,it must be take time .You have two parents know.