Acne problem, and yeah I'm past my teenage years and I'm still getting it..

September 17, 2009 9:19am CST
I'm 19 now but still have acne problems.. I thought that it will end in our 17's or so.. It started when I was 12 that I am having this zitz in my face.. To my big mistake and childlike behaviors back then, I started scrubbing my facial skin with everything i can lay my hands on! To my disgrace the effect is catastrophic.. I wish I haven't done that in the past but now I try to win the war with my growing hormones.. To my distress (again) The battle scars I have is nasty.. I tried all the medications and stuff.. benzoyle peroxide, facial wash.. all those things.. but it doesn't work.. Already done the natural healing but all I got is desperation.. I want to ask some advice to those people who have won their battle against acne, and help me win the war with my own.. ^_^ thanks and happy mylotting.. And yeah, by the way I hope you can elaborate some helpful down to earth advice, personal experiences, or if you are a dermatologist in profession, your medical advice.. ^_^
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
22 Sep 09
Hello, I know the feeling, I used to have a lot af acne when I was between the ages of 16-18 and tried all things that existed back then. It has been about twenty years already and I learned a whole lot about acne. not only does it appear because of hormonal levels rising or being unstable, but also because of what type of food you eat mostly, if you are stressed, if you have oily skin, if you need some internal flush, etc. Acne is simply some type of infection underneath the skin, it has to be treated internally and externally, at some point you'll find out what works on you since everybody is different not all treatments will work on everybody. I still get on or two pimples every now and then, at my age it is not very common but it still happens.
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
17 Sep 09
I can relate - I get them when I'm stressed out and when I don't get enough sleep. You're 19? Well, that isn't too bad because I'm 23. I don't scar much because I don't pick on my acne. I think you should try tea tree oil and some vitamin E for the scarring.
@Downwindz (2229)
• Netherlands
17 Sep 09
I had larger issues when i was younger with Acne, now it is only a few during a month. Mine slowly disapeared when i was 20 (now 24) This was a combination of the hormones slowly getting more stables but also a change in my diet and how i take care of my skin. My first recomendation is to check if you eat often greasy things with high fat percentages; Mayonaise, Frite Saus, Deep fried foods (fastfood), Chips and so forth. But also foods which contains high amount of calories compaed to the volume; sugar, softdrinks, juice (more than 1 glass a day), chocolate. If you consume alot of the above mentioned categories, then try cut down on it. Often it is just 1-2 food sinners that can cause a huge blast of Acne. Next i started to clean my skin every evenning before i went to bed with Skin Tonic, just whipping over the face. If this is not enough then also use peeling face wash in the shower at the morning bath, this may cause your skin to go dry though, but also solutions for that :D I hope some of this maybe have helped you, but first look at your current diet intake, even diet softdrinks are bad! drink water.
@joygracia (1326)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
yeah..this could be really frustrating.. I had my part in this before in my high school days on my face. good thing I found a simple solution, mild face wash cetaphil, toner with salicylic acid content and lactopafi food supplement seemed to work when applied to my face, but the bad news is all my acne transferred to my back and its really hard to minimize it since I`m use to sleeping facing front. oh boy! totally frustrating..