Yet another Code red on new antodepresant!

@Lakota12 (42681)
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September 17, 2009 11:01am CST
this is a Quote for I cant seem to find how else to do it but to copy! New Antidepressant Gets Another Warning Label (Do you think the FDA is out to get depressed people?) Sometimes I think that some of them should be able to work it out of themselves as I havent ever been all that deptessed for long adn think there could be an underlieing reason for all of it. Doctors need to search more for the reason! (Qouts" Based on its unfathomable approval record – giving the go-ahead to clearly dangerous drugs – that seems to be the only possible explanation. And now Pristiq, one of the newest antidepressants, is racking up even more ways to make depressed people even sicker. It's still barely out of the gate, and already Pristiq is slapped with yet another warning. Turns out Pristiq could raise your blood pressure – even with the lowest possible dose. The new warning is being added to what's already there: one black-box warning about 'suicidal thinking and behavior,' and quite a few other general warnings – like increased risk for abnormal bleeding, narrow- angle glaucoma, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, seizure, and hyponatremia (a dangerously low blood sodium level). Mind you, these are existing warnings for Pristiq... which, in FDAspeak, count more than mere adverse events. And there are plenty of them included in the prescribing information, too. This clearly dangerous drug should never have been approved...and it looks like doctors agree. In fact, the sales figures have been downright depressing for Wyeth. Maybe they should start taking Pristiq.") unquote --Michele
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@busybren (258)
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18 Sep 09
To answer whether or not the FDA is out to get the depressed; remember who runs the FDA and you will know. Aside from that I think there is many other people to blame for providing antidepressants to people with this illness. I think some doctors are too eager to get rid of their patients OR JUST TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR AUTHORIZATION TO GIVE THESE OUT TO PEOPLE, because I have many stories in which a doctor will prescribe one set of pills to see if they work, THEN ANOTHER IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE HOW THEY WORKED....then another type....I MEAN WHEN DOES IT STOP? So people are getting sick off these antidepressants, not only because they are becoming CODE RED down the line, but because authorized personnel are not prescribing them SAFELY.
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@mrakobesie (1246)
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17 Sep 09
FDA is out to get as much money as they can out of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies pay FDA and it's not even a secret. Many people who worked for FDA ended up getting jobs in pharmaceutical companies. Why? because it's all about money. All psychiatric medications are very dangerous. I remember my psych professor telling us that people have to be really crazy to take those meds. the amount of side effects they have is through the roof. I remember having a patient who was manic and was on one manic medication because that was the only one that was helping her, she ended up with kidney failure thanks to that medication. Because of the effect of this medication she ended up even more manic then before and now there was no safe medication that would help her control her condition. She was always walking around screaming and getting into fights with other patients. If she would've never started taking it, she would have healthy kidneys and here mania wouldn't be as bad. A girl ended up on dialysis because of it. What happened to Pharmaceutical companies, FDA and doctors who have no problem with people taking this poison? nothing, they got their money and they don't care about anything else. The effect of many meds are not a secret, i learned them while studying to be a nurse, doctors learn about side effects in med school, they know about it, but no one cares, it's all about money these days.
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17 Sep 09
chemo and radiation therapies kill tons of people. I found many ways to cure cancer without traditional medicine and these treatment managed to cure cancer even in latest stages. something as simple as diet change can help with cancer much better then chemo therapy they give. there are very few meds i would take from traditional medicine. I'm glad to hear that your son is not taking those meds any more, they wouldn't do any good, every one of those medications that they prescribe for psychiatric problems is very harmful, i use valerian root extract when i get anxiety or when something extreme happens when i need to calm down. It helps me very well and doesn't have side effects. Not every one reacts to it well, some people feel like their mind is clouded, it's the only bad reaction i've heard people had from it, nothing bad other than that. Many others react to it perfectly well, i personally don't feel any change other then ability to handle myself better. Saint Johns Wart is also really good for some people, the only side effect is sensitivity to bright light. Also i know someone who rank Saint Johns wart tea mixed with green tea and it reacted badly, so don't mix. Herbs are natural, have almost no side effects and are much cheaper or if you know where to pick these herbs they are free. Herbs also have many nutrients that we need and can help with more then one problem at a time. Our ancestors knew what they were doing and many of the treatments they used are used to this day because they really help.