I donated blood today !!!

September 17, 2009 12:12pm CST
And it was my second time !!! Its fun ! It feels great !! All of my friends did it ! We went in a group and were made to sleep on beds that were beside each other. And you know the fun part ? We all were talking with each other during the donation and not just that, we were cracking jokes !!! They tested my blood for blood group and hemoglobin count so they pricked a finger of mine and I saw the blood come out and i almost fainted. Everything went all bright in front of my eyes and my friend told me that I had gone all white. Had read "gone all white" a lot of times before but went white myself for the second time (first time should be the first time i donated i guess). So i sat for a few mins and then all was fine.. They also gave me a card saying that I had donated blood and if any of my relatives or friends ever needed blood, I should contact them.... Do donate blood people. Its fun, doesn't hurt and its also healthy for you as new blood is formed in the body which is very good... Have you ever donated blood before ? How was your experience ? Are you planning to donate soon ???
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@jessi0887 (2792)
• United States
17 Sep 09
I have donated blood three times in less then five years. FIrst time was a breeze although i was a bit skeptical. My second time i ended up getting pale so they put my feet above my head. THe third time well its was different. At first blood just poured into the bag and was going fast. Then its started to get slower and i started feeling dizzy. But i was fine each time. I think the reason i get dizzy with it is because i weigh the minimum to donate. Im a small woman.
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• India
17 Sep 09
oh jess ! You should take care. I remember they said that I've to have a minimum of 45 kg weight for donating. And when I weighed, I was blushing to tell them that I was 73 !!! Its great that you have donated blood thrice. Just two of us together might have saved 5 lives till now !!! Do take care of your health, keep donating and alsi tell your friend to donate... Happy mylotting friend..
• India
26 Sep 09
hey how does fell that you are going to save some ones life by giving your blood
• India
27 Sep 09
Oh it feels great ! There's a sense of satisfaction that grows in the mind. Its scary at first but once the blood starts getting collected, then its all easy... I heard that my blood group's rare so it feels nice that someone really needy's gonna take my blood. Plus they gave me a card that says that if any of my friends or relatives need blood, I can call them as I donated !!!