504 Plan

@miamilady (4924)
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September 17, 2009 3:05pm CST
Do you have your child under the 504 plan? Have you ever heard of the 504 plan? My understanding is that is has something to do with the "American's with disablities act". This is apparently for students with special needs that don't qualify for the traditional IEP program. My facts may be off a bit. I'm just wondering what anyone else here in myLot knows about this topic.
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@Raven7317 (693)
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18 Sep 09
Hi Miami, I had never heard of the 504 plan, but my son has an IEP, so I got curious... The plan is not only for diabetics, but for anyone who has a disability. It sounds as though the IEP's are more for providing lessons/education, in a certain manner and the schools legal responsibility and plan to accomplish that, where the 504 plans are more for providing equipment for lessons/education. For example, a tape recorder, a wheelchair ramp, or a little more time to hand in assignments. Sounds as if the 504 plan is mainly for making sure that a phyical handicap does not impede the child from going to school. A child under a 504 plan does not require an IEP but they do require that accomodations be make for any disability. (I think the "Peanut Free" classroom came from this new act!)
@miamilady (4924)
• United States
19 Sep 09
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my discussion AND to do some research on it! I think the 504 Plan is for both mental "disablities" as well and physical disablities. My interest in it is because my son has had anxiey issues which have borderd on being a "disorder". I happened to do an internet search as "504 Plan, school phobia" and I found that it can be applied to students who have school related anxiety. I know there are several people on here who have children that are considered "special needs" I was hoping to have more responses to this discussion from them. I will probably start another discussion with a different headline to see if I can get some more information. Of course I do my own research on things, but I do appreciate the opinions of my fellow myLotters on certain topics. There are some things that you can get from an exchange with other "every day people" that you can't get by searching the internet!