technology making us lazy

@ravich (243)
September 17, 2009 3:27pm CST
improving technology made us lazy. every thing is made automated. one way it is help full is work can be done faster will less number of people . the work will be done in time . even the game we play in the ground now came into our computers . even the money is changed into virtual which made us more lazy. mobiles are used even to identify a person next to him. can you share your feeling with me
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@smokoyboy (159)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
yeah your right. people just depend on Wikipedia just to research their project because its detail and you can just copy it. they don't go to the library anymore.
@youless (104221)
• Guangzhou, China
24 Sep 09
I think so. For example, today we all depend on the remote controls which we don't even want to go to the TV set change the TV channel. We also depend on the computer to communicate and we won't want to write a letter by a pen. I love China
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
YES YES YES... with the invention of laptops, i can stay in bed with my laptop all day and night...dont have to get up anymore...not like the desktops were its too big to fit in my bed and im stuck sitting infront of it.
• United States
17 Sep 09
the entire reason for technology is to make life easier. Since we are advancing at an unusually fast rate, it seems that technology encourages one to become lazy. But efficiency in any and all aspects of life have increased dramatically within the past century. It is up to the consumer to chose to become lazy, or remain as active as befor but more productive with the aid of these technological advancements.
@satan88 (586)
• United States Minor Outlying Islands
17 Sep 09
Technology has made our lives more stressful in my opinion. it is making us lazy to a certain extent but it also creates more problems and demands which cause more mental stress. so it's making our bodies lazy but our minds are going a mile a minute multitasking.