Other people alway become a topic in the table dont you think?

September 17, 2009 5:43pm CST
Hi My fellow Myloters, I am just interested wither its only me who notice this or everybody does. When you go out with some friends or with somebody you look around you and try to listen to the conversation around you by other people and its all about the life of others. Also try to observe conversation in your table and its the same. The table become alive when we can talk about other people life. Dont you think this is true? Do you guys talk about other people life when you are out? Do you do this to keep the live presence on your table because with what I notice on our table when my friends and I go out talking about other people life really is what give life to our table. Thanks and happy Myloting to all.
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• Philippines
18 Sep 09
this is a very common thing for women. but i also know that guys talk about other people too. for example, the conversation goes a long way if someone starts telling others about a common friend/acquaintance who is in the hospital or somebody getting married. it is annoying to be discussing other people's lives but it is a fact that we do talk about it sometimes.
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@prinzcy (5037)
• Malaysia
19 Sep 09
I think it's pretty common. We do talk about other people issues more than our own. It's gossiping and it's pretty natural. Actually, I don't know whether I am interested or not but I know I just follow the flow sometimes. If I am not interested to open a topic, I'll just respond. Usually when responding, it will involve the life of others.