Worm extract could cure depression?

@gOzaru (20)
September 17, 2009 5:45pm CST
Hi I'm william, I have a cousin. She has suffered depression ten years. She is hardly to sleep. She never talks to her friend, even to her family. Sometimes she speaks herself and laugh as if there is someone having her conversation. My aunt took her to psychiatrist and said that she was having depression. She must take a medical prescription, such as: Clozaril. She drank it, and its effect made her to sleep by force. I mean, it was such a kind of sleep pills. But unfortunately, that drugs have a side effect. It makes you addicted. So one day, I suggested her to drink "Vermint". Vermint is a herbal contains with the extract of Lumbricus Rubellus. It is some kind of worms. She drank three pills one time before sleep. A few moments, I saw her slept calmly. I had never seen her slept like that. It seemed that she was really tired that she couldn't wait long to sleep. The next day, she got even better. She told me that she could sleep so nice. And she was happy that I gave her that medicine. Actually, the medicine didn't say it was for depression. But I believed that she could be healthy again if she drank it. Thank GOD, she is getting better! So I came to conclusion, if any of you suffer from depression, insomniac, try to find this medicine: extract of Lumbricus Rubellus worm. I give you warranty that you will be recover. Trust me! This is the true story! Please share your experience about depression people around you! Maybe I could help! GBU, William
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@Tom728 (175)
• United States
11 Oct 09
i stand by alternative or natural medicine. I think sometimes people really get a lot out of someone trying to help them. That was a really nice thing you did.