Why are all men after another man's wife?

@NUTZZZ (16)
September 18, 2009 1:18am CST
Hi, Guys,be honest!Girls,you know too well!
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18 Sep 09
I think it's the nature of guys to try to get what they can't have. Then once they do, they are bored and then they are off for the next challenge. That's sucks to say, but I think that's true.
@rainmark (4302)
18 Sep 09
I think it's not beause the woman is another man's wife. it's because maybe that woman is so attractive and he fallin in love on her, and it happened that she's married,and because that wife gets bored on his husband or they got misunderstanding and she finds comfort from another man, so that's it, ellicit relationships happened.
@Archie0 (5634)
18 Sep 09
I have this question too. I really dont get this point that why a man is always behind another mans wife.I have read somewhere that a man gets bored with his wife and being to lot of relationship experience he needs another mans wife to go around for sometime. He never feels attracted to his own wife.