@anbrei (44)
September 18, 2009 10:55am CST
i've been joing some party . i am just curious.. why do we people is needed to be going on socialized some new people? how about you guys have you gone socializing?
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@kalyanam (11)
• India
18 Sep 09
Hi! Your discussion reminds me immediately that man is a social animal. We need to socialize with others at times, if not always and whether for good or bad etc etc. It depends upon the individual also. Thanks Kalyani
@sblossom (2169)
18 Sep 09
because we human being is group animals. we can not live alone. if we live by ourselves we will feel lonely. as you said you joined some party, have you not found any fun from them? I have had some social life too. at begging i always felt streeful and i did not want go. however when i went i did find many fun from it. meeting old friends and knowing new people, having good meal and seeing some beautiful place, all made my life not so boring. by nature i'm not sociable, but i want to change myself and try my best to enjoy social life.
@gicolet (1703)
• United States
18 Sep 09
Socializing is a must for people of all ages. I used to socialize more back in my teen years, though i wasn't and still is not a party goer. I just need to communicate with people from time to time whenever I'm bored out of my mind. Socializing takes care of our state of mind...let's just put it that way so take it as a positive thing :)