Tricks for making good friend?

September 18, 2009 2:46pm CST
do anybody know wat does a friend require? If yes wat do they require? Wats the definition of friendship? Is friendship ends in love? Can friendship be sold? How one can decide abt his friend that he will there in his bad days? Wat problem arise if boy and girl are friends for long time even after marriage? Answer these questions and you will find somewhere u are there? Put good comments
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
18 Sep 09
Well, first of all, everybody will have similar BUT different concept of the word "friend". If you are able to answer that yourself, you should be able to respond all those questions. Friendship is not premeditaded or fixed, it will just come up by itself, and only if it lasts during bad times (again, each and everyone should define "bad times" for ourselves) it can be considered a real friendship.
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
Yes, we all need friends i dont know any people who dont have one, bad times? ,my friend always can hold me acctable with that.
@rkiran (21)
• India
3 Nov 09
A good friend actually doesn't require anything except the other buddy's friendship... There is no exact definition for friendship.U can define it anyway you want.... I dont think friendship ends in love...... How can we sell frindship ? A person is called a friend when he stays in touch with his friend even when he is in bad time...... comin to the friendship b/w a boy and girl after marriage..... they may get problems from their partners and the society..... if they r real friends, even then there is no need to be afraid no.....?
@zed_k4 (17624)
• Singapore
19 Sep 09
To me personally, someone might call themselves a friend but can also do hurtful things behind our back. Not all friends like each other/one another. Some have it in them to be jealous but as long as they get back on track and seek forgiveness, then it'll be fine. Friendship is also about forgiving. To me, friendship is never easy and it definitely needs hard work and dedication. Some friends over a course of 4 years and more, have broken up and stuff like that. It really depends on their course of action; like what they would do to preserve the friendship and keeping it alive.