Can spells interfer with true destiny?

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September 18, 2009 3:28pm CST
Sometimes wishing doesn't work. I'm not against wicca or spellcraft, but I think spells kinda have a freaky and funny way of backfiring, which is why I cast spells only for guidance, peace, and accomplishment. Other spells such as love spells or spells to make someone fall in love with you are highly unethical of course, but it's not just about ethics, can it also destroy true destiny or what is REALLY ment to be?
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4 Sep 12
Destinys a choice believe it or not. And only you can actually control it. Everything's a choice. Not even the gods truly k ow what people are going to do. Because the fates can only put the idea in your head but heat you do with it that's your choice.
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10 Feb 10
Most people misunderstand fate and destiny. Destiny only gets you so far -- it puts you in a position. Whether one moves from that position to ultimate success for failure is not a matter of fate, but of Will.
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23 Nov 09
If a thing is truly destiny or meant to be, then a spell cast would either not work or would actually be the vehicle by which future destiny would be brought into current reality.