an eerie thing

United States
September 18, 2009 8:10pm CST
so, my husband and i are really getting into the spiritualism aspect of life. i know there are a lot of non believers but i believe that when people pass on, their spirit says on or visits. i have been noticing that i have been becoming sensitive to energy. i can sense who to be around or who to stay away. well, my husband and i were at the grape festival yesterday and we passed by an old movie theater turned teen club. we walked in front and felt super cold. my husband chivers. he never does that. he asked what the story is behind the building and i told him that i was only in there once or twice in high school. i heard that it was "haunted" but never heard stories. its really creepy in there. he told me that there was a lot of energy in there. its good to have him around b/c if we are somewhere, he tells me if it is safe to be there or not. what are your views? do you believe in spirit guides, ghosts, spirits, energy?
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