What is 2nd chakra element that Naruto have?

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September 18, 2009 8:59pm CST
Hello my lotters, I just wondering after Naruto have wind element, what is his 2nd element... Cause Sasuke from a kid already have Fire and Lightning element.. Why NAruto only still have one element?
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• India
29 Sep 09
It has not been revealed yet but i think it would ve water as he is highly related to frogs
• Indonesia
29 Sep 09
But in anime, he already combine wind element with water element with his frogs.. If he has water again, the frog can be useless.. ^^
• India
30 Sep 09
Hmmmmmmmmm you are right
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
i think naruto dont need the second element because he have already the sage mode. this is enough! and beside if naruto will have his second element it will be water as counter to fire of sasuke and he is so close to frog! his father i think have wind and fire combination!