Please modify your text to include the proper punctuation or symbols?

@boisson (256)
Hong Kong
September 19, 2009 12:47am CST
This is what's happening to me 1 discussion out of four: 1. I write a response, a very long great-qualitied response to a random discussion. 2. I upload perhaps an image or two. 3. All my descriptions and my 400 response is then reduced to a bunch of garbled letters with red text over the top which says along hte lines of: "Please modify your text to include the proper punctuation or symbols" Ironically, the last rejected conversation was this one. Luckily enough, I had copied it over to a word processor, and am copying it back now (by hand, cuz of my low rank). This happening to you guys?
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@StarBright (2799)
• United States
19 Sep 09
I understand your frustration. I have lost posts after I spent a lot of time composing a great response. I don't know what happens in those cases. Maybe you lose your connection for a split second - I don't know . I have learned that when I have a really long or thoughtful post, it is best to use Word or Notepad to compose first. It won't be long before you can copy and paste, Welcome, and happy MyLotting!
@boisson (256)
• Hong Kong
20 Sep 09
Haha (: I've been looking around, and apparently, it's something to do with a glitch in mylot coding