Fedor vs. Brett Rogers

United States
September 19, 2009 3:21am CST
Who do you think will win? Fedor is arguably the best heavyweight fighter if not pound for pound fighter in the world. He has no losses unless you count the doctor stoppage for a cut that didn't seem so bad that the fight had to be stopped. While Brett Rogers has ko'd almost all of his opponents including a highly ranked Andre Arlovski. Most people would say Fedor easily. After all he has the experience, the speed, the toughness, good stand up, good ground, and uncanny ability in the transition game. Also, he never seems to feel pain or has never seemed to be in any real trouble, unless you count the time he was rocked by Fujita's haymaker. This brings up an interesting point because Brett Rogers throws devastating haymakers and when he hurts his opponents he defenitely knows how to finish them. Plus, Brett Rogers weighs much more than Fujita did and has an undefeated record like Fedor. So, what do you think will the Russian Cyborg be victorious or the up and comer Brett Rogers?
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• Philippines
25 Aug 12
I'm sad to see that after 3 years, nobody has responded to this post. I love MMA and the UFC. I guess none of the people here are into these stuff which is kinda frustrating because that just means I couldn't find people here to share this interest with.