Grape is the best form of red wine

South Africa
September 19, 2009 11:17am CST
The benefits of taking Resveratrol grape juice are quite important. Taking around 3-5 servings of Resveratrol Grape Juice on daily basis is a key to a healthier and long lasting body. The Cardiovascular benefits of having Resveratrol grape juice are enormous. Resveratrol grape juice promotes Vasodilatation and inhibits inflammatory enzymes. Aggregriation of platelets is harmful to the body and this is one of the main duties of Resveratrol{ it stops the aggregriation of blood platelets}. Resveratrol grape juice or its Resveratrol wine constituents is also good for a healthy heart functioning. Since it has been established that Resveratrol lowers the body’s cholesterol content, it therefore helps in preventing plaque and the blockage of blood vessels in the heart thereby preventing all forms of heart diseases. The most naturally endowed form of Resveratrol grape juice include; Japanese knotweed, Vitis vinifera, labrusca, and Muscadine grapes, which are used to manufacture wines and nutritional Resveratrol supplements and pills. Dark purple concord grapes are some other vital grapes that supplies an appreciable amount of Resveratrol grape Juice. Aside the positive effects of Resveratrol grape juice on the heart, grape juice extract from Dark Purple concord grapes also offer several health benefits including; Reduction in the possible risks in blood clotting, Prevention of damages likely to occur in blood vessels, Reduction in low-density Lipoprotein {bad cholesterol}, and an increase in the presence of good cholesterol in the body among other benefits.
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19 Sep 09
tundeema. thanks for posting this. i learned a lot. I was really curious of resveratrol and i thought that it was a pharmaeutical miracle. I realized, based on your post that this comes from grapes! There is one capsule here in the philippines which is made of resveratrol and it is named Slenda. It is recommended for those who wants to loose weight. thanks so much!