General Question About MyLot Rules

United States
September 19, 2009 4:07pm CST
So I'm sure this will probably get deleted since it may SEEM like it violates one of the guidelines (the one about started discussions about personal mylot issues). However, this isn't necessarily about a personal issue. It's a general question that I'm hoping someone can answer for me. This is what I don't understand. I am probably one of the few newcomers who actually studied the guidelines before participating in the community. (I would also like to note that in the English language, a "guideline" is not necessarily a mandatory rule, but a strong suggestion to point one in the right direction/along the right path.) One of the guidelines is "DO NOT Start discussions on individual issues you are having with myLot. Please contact myLot via private messages and your issue will be addressed." But when a private message is sent to myLot regarding an issue, a user receives an automated response stating that myLot "may or may not respond to you personally" and "will take action if it is deemed appropriate." The message also informs the user that he/she should not send any follow-up messages. 1. Doesn't the message contradict the guideline? The guideline states that the issue WILL BE ADDRESSED, while the message suggests otherwise. 2. These two statements (the guideline + the message) put together pretty much renders the myLotter useless. If I have an issue, according to the guidelines, I am not supposed to start a discussion, but contact myLot directly. If myLot responds/addresses my issue, yay for me. But if not, what can a user even do? You can't post a discussion asking other users for guidance/assistance on the issue, nor can you follow-up on your previous, rule-following inquiry to myLot. So what should someone do at this point? Just suck it up and deal? Am I wrong for feeling like I'm under a dictatorship? (also, I don't know how the administrators go about deleting "rule-breaking" posts, but I really hope that it is read thoroughly before deleting, not just deleting because the subject line seems fishy. myLot - please restore my faith in you.)
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• Canada
20 Sep 09
1. Doesn't the message contradict the guideline? The guideline states that the issue WILL BE ADDRESSED, while the message suggests otherwise. I personally don't find there to be a contradiction. The guideline says the submitted issue will be addressed. To me, this means they will read every message they receive and make a decision about it. I think the automated response is to let people know that they will only contact you personally if they feel you need to be advised of or involved in whatever action they take (or don't take LOL). Just as they don't have to tell us why they delete discussions/posts, the automated response reminds us that they don't have to include us in their decision-making/follow-up actions. Maybe I'm wrong :) Just how I interpret it.
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• Australia
20 Sep 09
That is pretty much the way I see it too. I messaged admin with a suggestion I'd like to see implemented here and I received the automated response. I know the same thing was suggested 3 years ago and I really don't expect anything to happen about it, but at least I've been able to make the suggestion. Maybe one day I'll receive a pleasant surprise.
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@tdemex (3545)
• United States
19 Sep 09
Yes it is a dictatorship! LOL! They are pretty lenient about people seeking help or clarification on somethings, the best solution to your inquiry would be to make some friends with a lot of experience here! There are many here who can help you with issues! I'm sure they will be here in a few minutes and you should make a friends with them! People have posted issues before on late payouts and other issues that have not been deleted, some things are a crap shoot here! If your cool about things it will be okay if you bad mouth other people or the Admin here or post links promoting your own agenda, or start spaming your friends or others posts, these are things that will get deleted! Hope this helps ya somewhat! tdemex
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@mysdianait (65058)
• Italy
19 Sep 09
If when you contact them you received no response at all surely that would be worse? You would not be aware whether your message had reached them or not. If your message is not already answered in the FAQs and if it is not concerning another user's account then they might respond to you. I have received many responses but not to all the mails that I have sent. Probably there are other users who have been here longer that can help you if it is a question regarding the Guidelines as they are probably more aware of how to interpret them. I do not consider it as 'dictatorship' at all. It is their way of doing things. Right for some and not for others - but it is their way.
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