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Wi-Fi Zone - Please tell me any software for wi-fi protection
@Ayoosh16 (194)
September 20, 2009 7:15am CST
Hey, my elder cousin bought her new dell laptop computer, he conected his wi-fi to it an put it in his bag. When i switched on my computer which was in the nearby room. windows 7 notification area showed that a 'wireless connections are detected' i enabled my wifi and i was able to use wi-fi even when it was in next room. But for her i want to ask is there any software specially built for the purpose. cost doesnt matter and yeah she is using Tata Photon +
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
21 Sep 09
Every wireless router has an inbuilt software for setting up a firewall and other functions. The firewall and encryption options are two separate functions. Your cousin needs to access the router. If he already knows how, you may skip this and the following paragraph. Tata Photon should come with a manual on how to do this. It used to be simple, typing in was enough to gain access to a router. The proliferation of wireless routers means the use of different IP addresses. For example Prolink uses The manual should also give the default username and password, the common ones being admin/admin, and admin/password. Once in, he should change the password and username. Look for 'security' and 'firewall' in the menu. Firewall If there is an IP block function, this can be used to block other wireless stations from accessing the Internet. Less informed users may think that there is something wrong with the connection, because they can still connect to the router. Selective blocking based on time, access to certain Internet addresses, or both, can be made. Of course this is based on the manufacturer and model. MAC or Machine Address Code filtering ensures that a particular machine is allowed or blocked from accessing the router. It means that this is a stricter option. Encryption Data travelling through the airwaves can be captured by someone having the right equipment, and read using the correct software. If you live in an area where there are many computer or Internet savvy people, then it may be better for your cousin to set this option. He should use the WPA option because it is much stronger than WEP. If your cousin forgets the password, he can reset the router by pressing the reset button, by inserting a pin or one end of a paper clip into a tiny hole. I live in an area where the people knows something about Internet security, but not as much as they think they do. I only use the IP function.