Is it important that we should have cordial relations with Our Neighbour ??

Kottayam, India
September 20, 2009 9:45am CST
a stray do moved in to S's , neighborhood the same day J moved in next door and the dog immediately began to wreak havoc, scourging in trash cans and tearing up flower bed in both yards.S were irked that J had brought such a nuisance into the neighbourhood and J found it inexcusable, that the S made no attempt to control their dog.for several weeks neither the couple said anything to the other, while bad feelings aroused on both side. Finally S could stand no more and gave J a piece of her mind.Oh, J replied, we thought it was your dog!this is a clear proof misunderstanding against the other where both have nothing to with the it happened the same situation in your life please share with me, thanks
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• Philippines
20 Sep 09
Yeah, it really happen most of the times as my homes have close neighbors and even though our backyard is closed their are many animals that manage to pass by not just dogs, even cats, chicken, and mom is so mad as they eat the plants she just planted. Then, going to whip and shoo the animals away. But, she could not blame it to her neighbor as many animals goes on and out in our backyard own by other neighbors. if we going to count them it is many versus one. We find ourselves in the losing end, and that is why it is important to clarify all the things which bother in your mind with the things you see before making a conclusion to avoid erring neighbors.
• Philippines
25 Sep 09
Thanks for the BR, I truly appreciate it. have a nice day!