Does GPA really important to get a job?

September 20, 2009 11:29am CST
It's a classic question isn't it? We were thrived to get the best GPA each terms during uni so that (as our parents say) we could get the best job. But is this statement true? I found it does not really the case. I think it's a must to get some certain standard when applying in a company (in my country, it is usually GPA 3 out of 4), but the rest is up to organizational or work experience of the candidate. I honestly do feel that if you only have excellent GPA but cannot work in a team, does not have organizational experience, lacks on social skill, you will crumble into pieces when you work later on. At work, we start from zero again, we learn new things, adapt to the work pace, and most importantly working in a team and must have great interpersonal skill. All of those can be learned by join an organization or do internship during uni. At least by that, you will be more prepared on doing your job. So what's your opinion? Different than mine?
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