How To Make Money From Forex?

@Kool121 (292)
September 20, 2009 11:50am CST
I have no idea of Forex. Do you have any tips to share? Thanks.
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20 Sep 09
More or less, currency trading, you buy say 100 dollars when the exchange rate is good for you, then when the price of dollars increases, you sell them back and make a profit, when your dealing with 1-100's, you won't be making much, you really need to be working with 10,000+ For example, £1.00 is worth $1.50, so you spend £10,000 on $15,000. So you now have $15,000 then in a weeks time. £1.00 is worth $1.51, so you sell the $15,000 you bought a week earlier and you've made $1000 profit. Many professinal Forex workers have applications which mointor the rates, these are pretty advance scripts which give great advice on whats worth what, what is worth buying etc. For this kind of software, your looking at spending $100+ If your serious about starting forex, you should invest in this amazing application, it's just under $100 and you can make so much with it!
• India
20 Sep 09
Nice info Alex.... I too was unaware of forex but it is clear now.. Thanks for cush a great info.. Cheers