Did Selling backlink is forbidden by Google

September 20, 2009 8:00pm CST
Hi All, i have a question. About a 2 years ago, i make a blog. I Like writing so almost every day i write something. And after a while i'm quite suprise to found out that my google page rank already at 4. My friend said i could join a site that involve in selling and buying backlinks ( a link to the other site with lower pagerank so it can increase that site pagerank ). Well, because my pagerank 4, i can join the site. At the first three month, is all fine. I Get payment from that site, and there's nothing wrong with my pagerank. But after 3 month, i'm quite suprise that my pagerank then drop from 4 to 2. And the next 3 month, my page rank drop to 1. And then mypagerank is zero on the next 3 month. I'm quite upset about it. My traffic is increasing, my blog is getting bigger, and many link starting to connect me, but why is my pagerank dropping. After i searching a while, some one if a forum said, that if i selling my backlink, google will drop my page rank. But at the site FAQ, it clearly state, that google will give me no penalty at all, at selling my backlink. Because mypagerank is zero. I Can;t sell my backlink anymore, so i'm quit at selling backlink. After a while, my pagerank increase again to 1. And then the next 3 month my page rank increase from 1 to 2. The question is? Did selling backlink is forbidden by google, and dropping backlink will make google give me penalty of dropping my pagerank. The site saying is ok, a few forum said is ok, while some other people is not ok. Can u give me an information about that, coz i'm interest in joining the site again. But if it meantd to drop mypagerank, i prefer not to join again. Thanks for the answer
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