police harasses a widow of a drug over dose suicide

United States
November 14, 2006 12:14am CST
A friend of mine is a widow of a drug over dose suicide of less then 2 years . Her husband completed the suicide a major city in the state of New Mexico. She has moved her children to the small town that she was raised in over 70 miles out of the city. A police officer in training(he has not been to the accadamy) has been harasseing her about her husbands suicide saying "you know all the druggies around cuz your husband was a druggie and we'er gonna catch you " ect...she has never been arrested or charged with anything drug related in this town . And this cop was'nt even living in the stsae of New Mexico at the time of her husbands suicide. he stopped her yesterday whlie he was off duty and started his BS again she went staright to the home of his training officer (this is a small town of less then 1500 people including the surunding ranches) She also had a witiness with her who also put a complaint they had these in writting and had them noterized.
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