Are you cautious with what you read?

September 21, 2009 4:44am CST
They said that reading is like eating. You need to be very choosy with what you eat and avoid unhealthy foods. And as in reading you should be selective on spending the type and kind of material that you read, if not you would end up with a malnourished mind. And as the saying goes "A man who doesn't read a good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them". What do you think?
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• Philippines
21 Sep 09
You're right, some books teach you wrong ideas. So, it is important to choose your book. Eventually, you will gain more knowledge if you read a lot but can either blow your head with misleading knowledge.
• Philippines
27 Sep 09
Yeah, there are few books that only waste your time and mislead you. And you even waste your money, so it's very important to choose the right one. Because if not, you're only wasting your time and money. So be wise! Thank you very much for sharing with us and have a great weekends!
• Indonesia
26 Sep 09
I am very picky in choosing what book to buy. I don't read 'heavy' books or ones that carry propaganda or indoctrination. I read to relax myself, so I prefer fiction or selfhelp to read.
@scheng1 (24688)
• Singapore
21 Sep 09
That will depend on why we read in the first place. Most of us read paperbacks to escape from the stress of day to day life, and as a form of hobby. Hardly anyone thinks of reading thriller as means for spiritual enrichment and knowledge. I heard that Mr Lee Kuan Yew, our former Prime Minister read verociously, and he read those Economics types of books, all very heavy and hard to understand books. I doubt any normal person wants to pick up world history, or college textbooks to read. Those are the kinds of books to test our mental power. You can say these are extremely good books but nobody wants to read after graduation from college.