Complete step by step tutorial On making a Task

help me - the desktop is confused just like me!!!
@shadow41 (2356)
September 21, 2009 8:48am CST
good day to everyone. i am new to myLot and i'm glad that i joined this site. aside from getting the answers to my questions i can also earn from it. This is great. Being a new user ive searched what can i do with myLot. i found out that i can make a task here for everyone which is great because it's just what i was looking for. but upon trying to make a task i found out that it's not that easy. well maybe for others its a piece of cake but for me it's kinda confusing especially in the description section and about using data files. to be more specific here are my questions:1. in the description of the task, after the synapse what is next? what's the meaning of data from the user or use data file entries? 2. what is add textbox for one entry? 3. what is add multiple line textbox for multiple entries? 4. what is add file upload? 5. what is insert an entry for your data file? 6. after the description section what is "does this task going to use a data file?"7. in the number of workers section, what is "ignore if using data file? 8. can i enter 1 month or 2 months for the time alloted for task? if so, for example if the worker cannot reached the time alloted for the task which is 2 months and he work for like 7 weeks, can i reject him/her and not give the necessary payments for his/her incomplete work? 9. given i completed creating a task, will the task be offered to all mylot users? 10. Am i so stupid to ask a lot of questions? lol. i think that's all for now. pls help enlighten me.:)
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