Female secretary equals 'Hidden rules'?

@lcainiao (201)
September 21, 2009 7:44pm CST
A 27-years-old woman who was graduated works as secretary for the boss of many private enterprises. She works sucessfully with great income, but failed in blind date in every time because of the 'hidden rules' that men view as on female secretary. They worry about to be a cuckold. To many female secretary is president's lover, a second wife. In reality, a superior has 'hidden rules' with subordinate. In official circles, it's prevailing to have a secretary, even appears in the employee AD that showing 'with open-minded, good looks and shape'. It will make people in subconscious to have a awakening of the another meaning of female secretary. It's hard to marry for female secretary. Is it the reason that the name of female secretary is destroyed? How come female secretary equals'hidden rules'??
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