there are people born to be bad

September 21, 2009 7:50pm CST
i am working in a pharmacy inside a hospital. my job is to dispense medications as requested by the nurse. my job is really easy and very comfortable because i am staying in an air conditioned room. since im just new i really don't know the personality of the people working there until one point where in a nurse planned to ruin me. she did not inform me that the patient is going home and so all the medications used by that patient are all charged to me. she was really rude. i also heard a story that she took a picture of my co worker while napping and showed it to the administrator then my co worker instantly got fired. if she only have a heart she first wake my co worker first and tell her not to snap so that next time that won't happen instead of right away telling it to the administrator.
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@buggles64 (2713)
• United States
1 Oct 09
Sleeping on the job is not good, and working in a facility where other people depend on you could become very dangerous. I am sure the co worker was informed when being hired that there is no sleeping on the job. As a matter of fact I believe any place of employment does not allow sleeping on the job. Any sleeping on the job especially when you are caring for other individuals could be dangerous. I would also find out from someone that knows what the proper protocol is for being in charge of passing medications. If you give the wrong medicines to the wrong person, you could lose your job, irregardless of what the other co worker does. Anyways, the other nurse should have told you of what you would be in charge of. :)
@vopols (204)
• Philippines
1 Oct 09
Oh that person to whom you describe is weak. She is not really focus on her job alone but a bit observant on the other people around. Do you want to know what she really wants in the company that your in? she just want to be promoted that is why she keeps on finding mistakes of other co workers simply to reduce the amount of competition. Cutepink you must be very careful with this type of co worker maybe one day the spotlight will be at yours. Don't trust her just ignore her just do what you are assigned to do.