Ever get complemented for what you've done?

September 21, 2009 11:35pm CST
Hello Myloters, I get many complements for what I do everyday specially from my partner because he really appreciate what I do. Also when we see some friends the complemented me with how I look and really make you feel good. But there are complements that we can never forget in our life. The complement that probably I would never forget in my entire life is when we were once the shop. My partner and I were doing our shopping and there was this old lady on the ail where we were. She drop some of her grocery and non of the people on that ail even help her pick her things up and she was having difficulty picking theme up because of her age. So i come over and help her pick up her groceries. She look at me and complemented me nicely for what I have done. When we get to the counter she was there and telling the cash register person how nice person am I. It was really good and my partner cant stop telling me as well for what I have done. How about you have you been complemented that much? How often do you get complement when you do something good? Doesn't it make you feel good knowing you done something good? Thanks Myloters and happy Myloting
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
22 Sep 09
That was really nice of you to help an old lady with her groceries. In my observation few people now helps elders. I admire your quick thinking too in helping others. I live alone now and most of the time I am alone so I don't receive a lot of compliments. But at my work place when I'm having my part-time job, my bosses would often compliment how fast I get to collect payments for their contracts. And collecting payments is the priority for my bosses so they are so happy about my work. Receiving compliments is one way to encourage us to keep doing doing what is best, be it in a workplace or in our dealings with other people. But let's not forget, that we should also compliment others if they do good. Ciao!
@Archie0 (5175)
22 Sep 09
Hello eve, hope you are doing good there :) well not many times i have been complemented for the things i have done.No one much does that but they say that work is good keep it up, and i am now no more use or i dont have any expectations from people or anyone that they will have to complimet me for my work. I think when we do work without expectations we dont feel bad about something that have not happend according to our expectations.