pride over friendship...what?

September 22, 2009 12:10am CST
i have a group of friends during college days...we been together for four years and still continue our friends after we graduated...but after we got a job, we see each other less often, minimum of 3months before we have bonding moments...and that caused each one of us in sulking...then two of us are trying to make it up by planning some bonding time each month...we're asking for their opinion but get "no comment"... i think they let their pride get in the way and no plan in helping to work out our friendship... im so sad caused i really missed them..but what will i do? if their pride is greater than our friendship?
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22 Sep 09
if they choose their pride over their friendship with you, then i guess they're just not worth being friends with. when you are true friends with someone, you won't let anything get in the way of your friendship with them even if it means lowering down your pride.
@kalav56 (11497)
• India
22 Sep 09
I can understand your feeling.When I was very young I used to feel like what you are doing ; slowly over a period of years this feeling changed into acceptance.Everything is a passing phase and thta friendship and bonding thta would still stand the test of tiem would finally prove to be the real bonding.People who think are close woudl turn out to be" not so close" after all. This would be revealed over the passage of time and though it would be painful initially , it would lose the initial intensity ater some time.Don't worry.It is not pride but only a case of different priority.Once you start thinking of your own work as priority this would naturally not affect you that much.