do you believe in god?

September 22, 2009 2:12am CST
hi friends i have believe in god and the power of god god is great.the feeling of the presence of god gives us mental support.The believe in god gives mental strength.He is the generator organizer and destroyer,he is the supreme power.we only remember him when we are in trouble even the scientific research has proved that there is a supernatural power which cannotbe immagined through science.
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• India
22 Sep 09
No, i do not believe in God. Mainly, I have never felt the faith ever since i was a kid. Even today, I want to feel the presence of God so badly, but I do not feel it and hence I don't believe he/she exists... I think the actual power is in Nature!!!
• India
1 Oct 09
So you want to feel the presence of GOD have you ever asked God to come to you. Do you know who God is did you genuinely try to know who GOD is.First ask God sincerely whole heartedly to tell his name but before that keep your self free from sin. Wake up early in the morning when no one gets up.Be single in your room. Just close you eyes and pray God i want to know your name and wait for the answer patiently do this until you get the answer for I am sure you will get the answer.Just dont ask and open your eyes and say I know GOD is not there. So believe that God is going to talk to you and dont loose your faith.For once there was a family who wanted to pray for rain.Father called all his family to have a gathering on the terrace so that they can pray, his small daughter doesn't come.He gets annoyed and asks his wife to go and see what she is doing.Then suddenly his daughter comes and says sorry dad I was just bringing umbrella so that we will not be wet in rain.So that's what is faith she has confidence that it will rain when they pray so you too believe you will hear God and you will. Want to hear from you please ask God for his identity.Tell me the result ok do and tell but just simply dont tell leaning on your own understandings.
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
22 Sep 09
Hi there Sandee! I also believe in God. I don't have to explain why because He is the explanation for everything. I believe that faith begins where physical proof or evidence ends.