my boring job

September 22, 2009 4:12am CST
I could not bare ,hardly find interests from my present job ?there must be something wrong with both me and this kind of job.maybe I am not suit it.
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@robwan (3)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 09
So Try the other job
• China
24 Sep 09
thanks for your letter ,but ,how to say ,it is not rather easy to change jobs!!!!
@Graceekwenx (3162)
• Philippines
22 Sep 09
Hmm.. It could be that you are in the wrong place. I had been to 4 jobs before i landed in my employer right now. I graduated as a medical technologist and i worked as one in a hospital. I was not happy there, plainly because i dont like the people that i work with. It could be generation gap. Most of them are old and grouchy and i couldnt live with it. Then i worked in a clinic as a medical technologist again. I like the team that i worked with but i hear so many gossips around and i find it unhealthy so i resigned again. Third, i worked in an insurance company. I liked what i was doing. I may not be using the degree that i earned but i sure liked the people that i worked with. My supervisor even treated me like his daughter. But i didnt last long there again because the status of the company was quite shaky. So i resigned eventually but made sure i had enough experience to compete in the market. Now, i am in my fourth job as an account broker. I am handling medical claims and i am happy with the people that i work with. The pay is just as good and i am learning a lot in here. There may be a generation gap but these people are so professional and they would really treat you with dignity and faith. Good luck yang. It is not you... You are fit somewhere else. and you will remember me when you get the right one..
• China
24 Sep 09
Graceekwenx, pls accept my appreciation for your letter!yes ,my present job really puzzled me a lot,however ,maybe the reason is due to myself,I could not suit it.I am not woking hard,then hardly achieved things,as a result ,feel my working life is tedious.