Do you believe in ghosts..if your kids are telling you that they are at home

September 22, 2009 4:25am CST
I had acquired my computer just December last year and had my internet connection March of this year as my kids always need to research on their projects. Instead of going to the internet cafe every time they had research, we will just stay at home and complete their projects in time. We usually stayed beyond midnight when they have reports...when it was my day of. Basically that was every weekend. My youngest son had the habit of getting up at 4AM just to play on the PC so I created a password. My older son said that for several occasions, he can hear the computer starting up early morning so accidentally he went outside his bedroom and got a glass of water from the fridge...he was surprised to see the computer screen on then suddenly block out then the signing off sounded. He thought that his brother was playing again and so tried to look for him but when he could not find him, he looked inside our room find his brother sleeping soundly with no trace of ever getting up. There were a lot of times that my daughter can see someone standing in the middle of our living room or sitting on the computer chair...even when the dogs barked at night and my son would tell them to stop, he said he saw a man standing outside our yard...the day after one of our neighbors got shot in the head by a hitman because of his brother's involvement in an investigation. My kids always tell me the truth and I believe in them. How about you, do you believe in ghost?
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