Roulette system

September 22, 2009 7:26am CST
Ive recently read up numerous sites on how to win on european roulette tables and in a round about way they all tell me the same thing which is to consistently place small bets on black or red, if it doesn't land on your colour then you would just double your bet. If it does land on your colour then your to clear then table and start a fresh bet of about one or two pounds. Ive found that this does kinda work to a certain extent but at the same time quite a few sites recognise that your trying to play it that way, i understand that you cant play on just one table for to long for that reason. This method of playing the table does work to a degree as i said but i was just hoping that you guys might know of a better system, one thats not so slow and time consuming but at the same time consistent. Im probably not being realistic, but it worth asking eh:). Thanks for reading Pete
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22 Sep 09
Your not going to make good money on games of luck, you can make a lot of money playing online poker, if your good at poker in general, but a lot of it comes down to luck, IM isn't about luck, it's about skill.
22 Sep 09
Poker eh........ ive dabbled in it but never taken it seriously maybe ill give it a go thanks. Pete
@rolento (227)
• Spain
22 Sep 09
at long terms with that roulette trick you get a high risk of losing all, because what they don't say is that can appear 9 following times the same color, is better wining trought poker online, but also have risk, because fishes sometimes can have a great dosis of luck and wining you with crappy cards
@sushie93 (1359)
• France
28 Jan 10
I know this system and it's the worst system in the world of the roulete because of the big martingale, you could win but only if you have a very very big bankroll because 10 and more black-red in a row isn't rare, this happens very often on real roulettes. I'm a big fan of the roulette and i always try to search the "holygrail", if you want goods systems, you could visit VLSRoulette, it's a great forum where members share their systems, some people have make big cash by playing on roulette. Note: RNG are suck because casinos can cheat on you and make you lost, if a day, you want to play casinos, play oly on real table! (My favorite are reals roulettes from Dublinbet, i always play there and they are not scammers like some casinos which don't want to pay members.