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September 22, 2009 9:30am CST
I've been learning about silicones in hair care products. I have found some sites say they are bad other sites say they are safe or good. I wrote a while back about some hair issues I was experiencing. I have tried a few different products with not much luck of any help. I have started taking a Biotin supplement. My nails are looking great, but I haven't seen any difference in my hair yet. I've heard it takes a couple of months for your hair. My hair is a mess. When I get out of the shower, my hair is very tangly full of snarls. I use a wide tooth comb and comb from the bottom to my roots to help with breakage. I still have some breakage. Or at least I think it's breakage. All I know is I end up with hair in the drain of the shower as well as the sink after combing. Are suave, dove, herbal essences any good? I have a coupon for for the new line from herbal essences. I also have a coupon for Aussie products. I'm not very familiar with this brand. Does it sound like I need repair products for damaged hair? Should I buy a leave in conditioner to help with the tangles/snarls? I am looking for something that is not expensive, but will help me. I have looked into natural products, but what I have found is a bit expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions or products that may help me? Any and all is greatly appreciated.
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22 Sep 09
I use mayonaise in my hair and you would not believe the good that it does. It doesn't smell to good but... it helps a ton. And really brings back the natural shine of you hair. Also I can suggest not washing your hair everyday, washing it everyday will make it very dry and you need your natural oils in your hair to make it healthy.