do you have a regular lifestyle? do you sleep well at night?

@iamfine (740)
September 22, 2009 11:06am CST
Hello mylotter, it is 0:00 here in China now, but I don't feel like sleep at all, I felt sleep at 22:00, since my customer is asking me questions online, so I pass the best time to sleep, and now I feel that I can not sleep. Seems that nowadays, more and more people do not have a regular life style, I know some of my customers sleep at day time and work at night, because the time gap between their time and business partner's time is too big. Do you have a regular lifestyle? do you sleep on time, wake up on time? It is hard to keep a regular lifestyle, right?
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• American Samoa
22 Sep 09
1st question, my answer would be no, because my lifestyle is now ruined and i hope i can change it again. 2nd question a big no again, i don't sleep on time and wake on time. i usually wake at 9 or 10am in the morning and sleep late at 2 or 3am in the morning so my sleeping schedule is bad also. and yes, the third question is true. T__T it is so hard to keep a regular lifestyle if you don't plan it very well T_T.
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@iamfine (740)
• China
24 Sep 09
hello uchihaseymour, thank you for your reponse. I think it is very comment that nowadays, people live through a very irregular life style, because of the nature of their work, or habit. I hope that I can change my life style too, but it is very difficult for me... Good luck for you.