"Let me study at my own speed please!"

@diamania (7028)
September 23, 2009 9:40am CST
Have you ever cried out: "Let me study at my own speed please!". I did, today. It was during maths today that I felt a heavy burden of pressure from the teacher. Most of the peoples have already finished the first unit whereas I am just half-way through. First of all, I haven't received my maths books so I got it all copied from someone else's book, which means I was in arrears from the very first moment. Second, it is very hard stuff and as I am not good in maths it takes longer before I understand everything. So, for heaven's sake let me study at my own speed!!
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@zspsql (28)
• United States
24 Sep 09
for everyone's talent is different,the field which everyone be good at is different too. the purpose which we study hard to pursiut is to improve us as possible as we can,but not show it to others.i approve that everyone should study at one's own speed.if you are sure that what you persist in is right,never mind what the others should think.
• India
24 Sep 09
Yes, I Do Agree The Teachers Force A Lot Of Work On The Kids Nowadays .. Without Understanding the Work You Are Doing It Does Get Hard To Do It Fast .. It Was Right On Your Part To Rebel .. But In School Keep Your Anger In Control, Teachers Should Keep you In Their Good Books .. Have A Nice Day ..
@DawGwath (1042)
• Romania
24 Sep 09
There is an interesting fact I have noticed in schooling and teaching methods. There is some unwritten rule that no matter what level of difficulty the subject has (like in math, there are different levels of difficulty depending on the students' profiles), the teacher's pace will be dictated by the speed of the majority. So if the majority is slow-paced, the teacher will slow his/her teaching and the lessons will spread on a wider number of classes. In this case, the fast-paced students will be at a loss and vice-versa. So you shouldn't blame the teacher, nor should you blame yourself. Probably finding some tutor or doing some extra classes, or even studying harder by yourself should help you (although this is some pretty basic cliche advice). Or you can just transfer to another class, although you'll have to deal with things like "adapting" or "integrating" in a new class community.
@Canellita (12051)
• United States
23 Sep 09
Well, an instructor has to cover a certain amount of material in a given amount of time so it is up to you as a student to seek additional help in learning your math lessons. You should try to find a tutor and look for web sites as well that can help you to understand it better.
@wmraul (2554)
• Bucharest, Romania
23 Sep 09
A teacher who pressure his students to learn to a certain speed does not deserve to be called a teacher. People are different and this is the first issue for a different learning curve speed. But not only. Even one with great abilities to learn can have moments when can be overrushed. Here is where the teacher's talents and pedagogy skils must come into action. Yet, often, teachers think them main quality has to be to like to work with young people. Not enough, if you ask me. People have by default different learning speed and that should be respected. 100% agree, diamania. Is in fact one of main issues for I support the self-education instead of forced education ...