T20 Cricket is bad for Test Cricket......!

United Arab Emirates
September 23, 2009 12:32pm CST
Mostly peoples thinks T20 Crikcet is bad for Test and ODI Cricket. what you think is write if yes then whats the reasons?
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@madhuvamsi (1185)
• India
23 Sep 09
I do not think it is right to say that T20 is killing ODI's and Tests. In my view Test format will be always first love for players and in the past test cricket never use to produce results, mostly tame draws. But after the number of ODI's increased then suddenly, teams are producing results in Tests. Most of the series are getting results in Test cricket, which is good sign. T 20 in my view has killed the enjoyment which use to get in 50 overs ODI format for me. I watch the first 15 overs and then last 5 to 6 overs of the 50 overs format. The reason is I do not have that much time to watch the whole innings of the ODI. T20 format is saving the time of audiences and it is more exciting compared to 50 overs ODI match. Test cricket is having its previleage at its own place and I have no problem. But there must be one change come in the 50 overs format that is 2 innings must be introduced as said by Sachin Tendulkar. One team will bat 25 overs and then second team will bat the next 25 overs and then the first team will bat the second innings and second team have to chase the target if the other teams sets for them. It should be just like test match but 100 overs will be completed in just one day..
• United Arab Emirates
24 Sep 09
mini test format who introducing to Tendulkar, is ending point of 5 days format test cricket. i think the test cricket only for players. players get enough chance for practise in test cricket. this cricket is not for audiunce in my view...
• India
16 Nov 09
Test cricket is the real cricket. In a game of 5 days we see and appreciate real tactics / strategies, batting technique, bowling batting and twists and turns synonymous with test cricket. In ODI or T20s we seen so many times where a mere toss decided the match especially if it is a daynighter or dew comes into play. In last 2 decades I have seen and heard people (who haven't played any competitive cricket) criticising even greats like Sachin & Rahul. T20 is a game for such people or like fast food it can be had occasionally but test cricket is like home food which is good for appetite and health as well.
• India
22 Oct 09
I like cricket, but am not fanatical about it. I've always been amused by the fact that someone has designed a game that can be played for days without a result. 1938-1939 Durban Test Match between England and South Africa was 43 hours 16 minutes over 10 days, and was drawn as England had to leave to catch their boat home. Nutters... Twenty 20, being the future for cricket or not, who can really say, though I doubt it will go away. I think it has the right balance for big entertainment, more so than the one day matches. It's like taking the last part of a one day match, when things are close, and ignoring all the slow start. You're starting with the finale. It's bound to impress most anyone, especially kids, and that's where the future lies. It'll be the game they'll want to play. No kid wants to stand around all day. They want to get in and have a bowl or bat, not scratch their butts or pick their nose for hours on end.