Power of Negative

September 23, 2009 1:24pm CST
I have always wondered what would happen if I could actually go without any negative things bursting out of my mouth. I decided to give this a try and I want to see if others will share in this intressting experiement. Try to go 1 whole day without a single negative thing to say. Disipling children is allowed and you may listen to someone else speaking negative, just not contribute. I did this for 1 day already and was amazed that my kids acted better today and I did not feel stressed today either. It was hard to have to think about what I was going to say and I had to stop myself more than a few times. It is surpising how often one says negative things throughout the day. I know this is not a new idea, but I thought that I would put it into practice. Shooting for day 2 tomorrow.
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• United States
24 Sep 09
That is great. I don't think it should be just saying negative things but also thinking them! Thank you for this...good luck.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
23 Sep 09
Nice one! Keep it up... Like what they say, "Somethings are better left unsaid". Happy myLotting!
@malamar (784)
• Canada
23 Sep 09
Hi pittawadda, you are on to the secret of positive thinking. There is enough negativity swirling around us on a daily basis, we sure don't need to add to it. Keep on with your little experiment, I think you will be amazed by the results. We do the same thing, only we put a set amount of money in a jar every time we "slip", which at first, was a lot! The old adage of "think before you speak" is not a new concept, you are certainly correct there. It seems we have just strayed away from this practise and today's society is indicative of that. Don't get me wrong - I know there are plenty of good people left, I just think there is always room for improvement. Just my thoughts, M.