Do You Buy Ebooks Written By So Called Guru's?

@Kool121 (292)
September 23, 2009 1:51pm CST
Do you buy those make money online Ebooks written by those so called guru's? Do you find them useful? Thanks.
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• India
24 Sep 09
I happened to recieve an ebook written by a so called guru from a forum where a guy dissatisfied with the guru's ideas was giving it away free. after reading the book, i realised how stupid people were to pay $27 or $47 or any kind of money for these absolute trash. it is the same rehash of ideas. nothing is original. we have to be reasonable with out expectations with earnings from online. everything these so called gurus or experts say is not true. and most of them overstate their earnings to attract the attention of people who are not familiar with online earnings and who are eager to earn big.
@savypat (20216)
• United States
23 Sep 09
Once in a while, I am usually disappointed and so I buy even less now than I did. I think e-books are a good idea but by the time you print them out get to be quit expensive. And I would like to see higher quality.
• Philippines
23 Sep 09
No, I have never try it and anyway I could have access on e-books online which is free to download. no need to buy.
@Tina83 (1223)
• India
23 Sep 09
I am about to finish writing a ebook on online business within few days as i have 2 years of ememnse experience in online earnings, though I will charge only $5 per ebook by paypal.But I can gaurentee that people can earn $500 per month easily if they devote 6-8 hours, its not a gimmick but i will be totally sharing some personal experience how to make online a full time job.