Mylot profile page, editing colours?

September 23, 2009 2:07pm CST
I am a bit of a newbie here, and like to have a nice page. I am having problems, setting my text colour, and discussions area colour? When i go to edit colours, all i get, are the colour boxes, and then 'left menu', so i have played around with this, but it does not come up, as i am setting it? I cannot find an option, to set colours, for the right side of my page (My discussion etc) I hope this makes sense, and can anyone please advise? I would appreciate it...thanks.
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@Archie0 (5171)
23 Sep 09
Hello there forestgold welcome to mylot, a hearty welcome to you from behalf of all the mylotters :) well to change your account settings, editing, colours, profile and all such small things you can go to preference on the top left side from where you can see your earnings.There you will find your way to edit all the things you want to. You can even change your profile pictures as well as add other site referral links there if you want, so that when people visit and find it intresting they become your refferal. :)
23 Sep 09
Hi Archie, and thanks. I have managed to change colours, on my background, and profile area, but the text does not change, or the right side of my page? I have noticed a lot of really nice pages, full of colour, but i can only do half of mine, i only get, *left comment menu*, so the right side, looks boooring!! LOL, i hope this makes sense, i have been trying for ages, to get the whole! page full of colour, (aarghh) LOL