I need a new game to play!!! preferably an mmog...

September 23, 2009 3:50pm CST
I love fallout 3, and fable II and I just started playing some WoW, but WoW isn't getting me as good as I hoped. Everyone says it's so addictive, but I've been playing it for a week...just waiting to become addicted...and Fallout 3 is getting old, and Fable got old forever ago...I want something online, free to try or something of that sort, because I don't want to have to pay to find out if something sucks...so pleeeaaassseee recommend a game or two and maybe give me a comparison, and why you like it...and suggestions, for example if you were to recommend WoW (don't though, i already play it) you would tell me what realm is the best and whether I should go alliance or horde etc... I'm super desperate, here...
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• India
26 Sep 09
There are many good games Perfect worlf & jade Dynasty is really good on graphs and free too.. u should try it.. if u looking for awesome game then u should try "Guildwars" i have been playing it for more than 4yrs and i am addicted and as the same it its not monthly pay.. just one time investment... its so cool.. graphs and game play is really good.. u should visite my website so u can know more ide of the game http://welcome.to/tcd or try www.guildwars.com thats the official site.. so just try.. if u bought that game u can PM me any time ingame.. IGN : Dilip Geoffrey
30 Sep 09
hey, thanks, i'm gonna check your site out right now... the thing about guildwars, though, is that i wanna play it at least once before i put any money into it at all, ya know? i think they should give out free trials...even if it's just like, an hour of play time...*sigh* ah well...
30 Sep 09
oh wait... i just found a free trial!! woo!!!
• India
1 Oct 09
Ya u can get Free Trial... yay u found one ... play and let me know how u feel.. i guess its 15 day trial right:) u will enjoy the game its value for money.. just one time pay and if u like u just buy the extentions and upgrads u like its awesome..:) keep posting:P
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
I am Playing Perfect World. Its free. Go and try it out.